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SpyAgent is a powerful computer spy software tool that allows you to log all activities users perform on your computer - from keystrokes typed, to chat conversations, to emails sent and received. SpyAgent catalogs and securely stores all logged data for your eyes only - every event is logged exactly when it happened. SpyAgent also features powerful content filtering, system lockdown scheduling, alert notifications, spyware detector disabling, and remote log delivery features to further expand your monitoring abilities.

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Record All Computer Usage Activities

SpyAgent can log all computer activities that users perform. SpyAgent can log keystrokes, emails sent and received, chat and instant messenger conversations, windows and applications used, internet connections, websites visited, documents opened and printed, clipboard activity, passwords typed, and even screenshots of user actions. SpyAgent can give you an accurate picture of what users are doing on your computer, and when. Built-in log viewers make viewing, saving, and printing SpyAgent's logs an easy task. SpyAgent's logging abilities are unmatched.

Powerful Security Features

SpyAgent backs up its powerful activity logging with security features that allow SpyAgent to operate in a totally secure fashion. SpyAgent can be configured to encrypt and backdate log files so they do not show up in 'recent modified file searches'. SpyAgent can disable the Windows task manager and popular spyware detectors. Hidden file viewing can be permanently disabled while SpyAgent is operating so users cannot view any hidden files SpyAgent creates. Most importantly, SpyAgent can be set to run in total stealth so it is totally invisible to the user. It will not appear in the start menu, desktop, or Windows task manager.

Built-In Content Filtering and Scheduling

SpyAgent takes activity monitoring to the next level by acting as a proactive content filtering tool, if necessary. SpyAgent can be configured to allow, or disallow, specific websites from being viewed. SpyAgent can also be configured to restrict specific programs and chat clients from ever being executed by the user. Finally, SpyAgent can be configured to log during scheduled intervals, and it can be scheduled to lock the computer down completely at specific time frames.

Remote Activity Log Delivery

SpyAgent has remote activity log delivery features that allow you to remotely monitor your computers. With these features you can send logs privately, and securely to a remote email address or FTP account without the monitored user knowing that the logs are being delivered remotely. SpyAgent uses its own delivery mechanisms so an email client or FTP client is not needed for the remote log delivery. All logs can be delivered along with a screenshot of the user's desktop at that time.

Email Activity Alerts

SpyAgent not only acts as a passive seeing eye that records everything users do, but it can also act as an active presence on your computer - sending you email alerts whenever specific actions are attempted by users. Alerts can be sent to you when users try to run unwanted applications or spyware detectors, when they try to visit inappropriate websites, when they shutdown the computer, or even when they type specific keywords - such as an address or name.

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